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Listing Name:
Peter's Great Club Seats
Season Plan:
Bill's Half Season Plan A (2017)
(42 total games)
Seats Per Game:
Ticket Category:
Club Level
Section / Row / Seat:
210 / G / 3
210 / G / 4
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Payment Method:
In Person Cash
Delivery Method:
Meet in Person
Offer Minimum:
10 games
Seeking a to sell up to 16 games, 13 currently listed. The tickets give access to the Norfolk Southern Club. These are terrific seats behind home plate in section 210, row G, seats 3 & 4, out of the sun and rain.
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Date Opponent Section / Row / Seat Price
May-11 (Thu) @ 7:05 PM Orioles 210 / G / 3 $75.00
May-11 (Thu) @ 7:05 PM Orioles 210 / G / 4 $75.00
May-13 (Sat) @ 7:05 PM Phillies 210 / G / 3 $75.00
May-13 (Sat) @ 7:05 PM Phillies 210 / G / 4 $75.00
May-26 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Padres 210 / G / 3 $75.00
May-26 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Padres 210 / G / 4 $75.00
Jun-23 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Reds 210 / G / 3 $75.00
Jun-23 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Reds 210 / G / 4 $75.00
Jul-07 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Braves 210 / G / 3 $75.00
Jul-07 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Braves 210 / G / 4 $75.00
Jul-28 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Rockies 210 / G / 3 $75.00
Jul-28 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Rockies 210 / G / 4 $75.00
Aug-07 (Mon) @ 7:05 PM Marlins 210 / G / 3 $75.00
Aug-07 (Mon) @ 7:05 PM Marlins 210 / G / 4 $75.00
Aug-11 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Giants 210 / G / 3 $75.00
Aug-11 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Giants 210 / G / 4 $75.00
Sep-08 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Phillies 210 / G / 3 $75.00
Sep-08 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Phillies 210 / G / 4 $75.00
Sep-15 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Dodgers 210 / G / 3 $75.00
Sep-15 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Dodgers 210 / G / 4 $75.00
Sep-29 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Pirates 210 / G / 3 $75.00
Sep-29 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Pirates 210 / G / 4 $75.00
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    I just spoke with Maribel Castro who told me the Nats just began a program this week where the Nats will put people together to work directly with each other in purchasing a split season for the Club. Regrettably I will now respectfully decline your offer because I can acquire a full half of a half season, work as a partner versus through the half season ticket holder in obtaining season parking and swapping out tickets. Thanks for your offer.
  • I am really gld to hear that the Nats have a better system for putting buyers and sellers together. The one we tried to use made it almost impossible. It is true that I do not have parking with my plan but it is sold separately by the Nats and many local garages that are less expensive. It may still be to our mutual advantage to meet in peson and see if a deal is possible. I will check with my Nats rep to find out more about the new program and the way for us to speak directly. If we cannot work out a deal I wish you the best in finding exactly what you want. I know that is 20 game but with the half season plan that includes a preseason game and that takes a partnershp to 19 games. As a plan holder I can purchase added tickets at a discount and could get you to 19 or 20 games. Lets see what we can do undr the new scheme.
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    You're not forgotten. Let me first say if this process is taking too long, please feel free to seek out alternatives. Thanks for the list of the games. All are acceptable. I'm not particular about the remaining three games. Would like the inclusion of one of the August Met games but that's not a deal stopper. I have a call in to Marabelle Castro, a National's ticket manager to see if I can purchase/swap parking lot B tickets without having to bother you. Also, I intend to ask her whether I can swap out games without having to rely on you. I suspect not, but I want to talk with her first. She returned my call this afternoon but I couldn't take the call. I've called her back and left a voice mail. She promised in her voice mail to email me as well. I'll be back to you after I have heard from her, presumably Monday.
  • It looks like the Nats are not forwarding our messages in chronological order. This one came last. I have been told that with a half season plan one could not get into garages B or C. Further even if one took another lot and then swapped tickets for different games the parking would not follow. I park at the enclosed garage 100 M St a block from the stadium. Last year it was $26 thru Parking Panda. The Mets game is no porblem. Lets get together with the new program.
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    I want to wrap this up as well. i'm surprised at the list of games. in your email response you said all the games are on Sunday and Wednesday. In fact none of the games listed are on Wednesday or Sunday. Are we on the same page
  • Maybe I misspoke. What I meant to say was that I go to Wednesday and Sunday games and I had mostly Friday games (11) plus one Saturday and one Monday to share, plus I was willing to give up 3 Wednesdays or Sundays.making 16 games. I already traded Tuesday and Thursday games for Wednesdays.
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    i cannot find the listing of the specific games available under the heading "games available" as part of your listing. I'm trying to ascertain the specific games included in your offer. That can be determined by identifying those games that have been deleted from Plan A. Unfortunately we can't communicate by phone or text which would enable this matter to be easily resolved. Thanks.
  • The site is confusing. I tried to answer yuou with a list of the games but that answer was rejected. I was instructed to change the heading from listed for sale to available and that should make the list visible to all. Not on the list is an exhibition game and 3 other games to be decided. All my other games are on Sundays and Wednesdays. Some of the Wednesdays are in other Club seats I traded for. I would like to make a deal very soon otherwise I will be posting these tickets to Stubhub.
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    given the package is for 16 games, which 4 games are excluded and are the remaining games the same as those listed for plan A?
  • All of the games are from Plan A. They are mostly Fridays with a Monday and Saturday. These are listed on my posting on the Nats site.The other 3 have not been specified but would be from Plan A, Wednesdays or Sundays. However the Nats Plus program allows for swapping of tickets at no charge. So one could get the games they want so long as they are not on Nats blackout dates. The seats would changein this case but would be similar.
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    need 20 games, legitimate half of half season
  • Please see my revised listing offering 13 specific games. I would add up to 3 more for a buyer for all 16. I can also swap some tickets with the Nationals for different games if that is what a buyer wanted but they would not be the same seats or for games the Nationals s have blacked out.. They would still be Club seats.
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    Is your offer still open?
  • Definitely still open. My seats are in section 210, row G, seats 3 and 4. Great views. Will sell 10 to 20 games.
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    Are you looking for someone to purchase 1/2 of your 21 games or 21 games total?
  • I have a 42 game plan and want a partner who will take 15-21 of the games.
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