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Listing Name:
Up close
Season Plan:
Full Season (2017)
(81 total games)
Seats Per Game:
Ticket Category:
Baseline Box
Section / Row / Seat:
130 / J / 9
130 / J / 10
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Payment Method:
Delivery Method:
Ticket Forwarding
Offer Minimum:
5 games
See list of games and if the game you want is not listed, it is still probably available from the ones I kept. Prefer a minimum of 5 games but will work with you.
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Date Opponent Section / Row / Seat Price
Jul-06 (Thu) @ 7:05 PM Braves 130 / J / 9 $75.00
Jul-06 (Thu) @ 7:05 PM Braves 130 / J / 10 $75.00
Jul-27 (Thu) @ 12:05 PM Brewers 130 / J / 9 $75.00
Jul-27 (Thu) @ 12:05 PM Brewers 130 / J / 10 $75.00
Jul-29 (Sat) @ 7:05 PM Rockies 130 / J / 9 $75.00
Jul-29 (Sat) @ 7:05 PM Rockies 130 / J / 10 $75.00
Aug-09 (Wed) @ 7:05 PM Marlins 130 / J / 9 $75.00
Aug-09 (Wed) @ 7:05 PM Marlins 130 / J / 10 $75.00
Aug-27 (Sun) @ 1:35 PM Mets 130 / J / 9 $75.00
Aug-27 (Sun) @ 1:35 PM Mets 130 / J / 10 $75.00
Aug-28 (Mon) @ 7:05 PM Marlins 130 / J / 9 $75.00
Aug-28 (Mon) @ 7:05 PM Marlins 130 / J / 10 $75.00
Aug-30 (Wed) @ 4:05 PM Marlins 130 / J / 9 $75.00
Aug-30 (Wed) @ 4:05 PM Marlins 130 / J / 10 $75.00
Sep-09 (Sat) @ 7:05 PM Phillies 130 / J / 9 $75.00
Sep-09 (Sat) @ 7:05 PM Phillies 130 / J / 10 $75.00
Sep-28 (Thu) @ 7:05 PM Pirates 130 / J / 9 $75.00
Sep-28 (Thu) @ 7:05 PM Pirates 130 / J / 10 $75.00
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    Hi, I'd like to purchase 10 games. I'll be out of the country from mid-June to mid-August, so I'm hoping to get 10 games before June 14 and after August 11, if that's OK. Also, I'm interested in learning about how many Rewards Points are available for 10 games. 1/8 of X? Many thanks!
  • I can't guarantee because our tickets are done thru a draft. You can enter the draft with the games you want and if you get games you don't want, you can trade with the Nats. They make every effort to exchange for a section as close to the original as they can. Or trade with another partner. Points are allocated by number of partners divided by 4,000 points per seat.
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    OK thanks for answering my question about the access card. So its the black access card I will get? Is this then in my and my husbands name? I am very excited to do this!
  • I believe my card is red but same thing. Cards are not issued by name but the Nats will assign you two numbers and those will be printed on the card. Also want you to know that tickets (cards) are not issued until right before Spring Training. Don't know why the Nats give a date. I get so anxious for them to come.
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    I'm sorry this is all new to me, but what is the Black Access card? And are there parking passes with these tickets?
  • An access card gives you entry to the ball field without having to print a pass. You can also join in auctions of special benefits offered plus you can add monies to your account for purchases. For instance if you add money there is a separate line at the concession stands and the cost is deducted from your account. No cash involved. You will also get discounts and points added for every purchase.
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    These are excellent seats, and I am interested in this offer. But can you tell me how your group deals with Opening Day? Is there a way for partners in your group to purchase additional Opening Day tickets in decent locations at season-ticket-owner prices? Thanks very much!
  • This is my first year as sole season ticket holder so I'm not sure. I did pose the question to my rep and as soon as she responds, I'll give you a definite answer. Opening Day tickets will be not be part of the draft but I'm pretty certain that we will be allowed to purchase additional tickets as we did for post-season. Those tickets started at regular prices for the first series and went up a little for the next series. They weren't necessarily the same section but they were in the lower level. I'm sure the Nationals will follow the same procedure for Opening Day. Maybe we can work something out once I get an answer. Sorry I can't give you anything definite right now.
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    I am very interested in joining your group for minimum of 10 games, would like to confirm I will receive the black access card and can you let me know how the ticket draft works?
  • Yes, you will receive a black access card and we will share all benefits such as points, etc. Points will be distributed according to the number of games you purchase. For the draft I'll follow the procedure of one we've done before. Names are drawn and the first name gets first pick, etc. Those buying more than 10 games will have their name put in once for each 10 games purchased. We will then proceed to pick a game in order of name drawn. After games are drawn, you are free to trade with other partners or sell your ticket should you wish. I hope this explains what you need. The draft part was trickly for me to explain but it works well and does so fairly. To get a view of the seat, go to "tickets" and "view seat."
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