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Listing Name:
Season Plan:
Bill's Half Season Plan A (2017)
(42 total games)
Seats Per Game:
Ticket Category:
LF/RF Mezzanine
Section / Row / Seat:
225 / L / 1
225 / L / 2
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Payment Method:
Delivery Method:
Ticket Forwarding
Offer Minimum:
10 games
Aisle Seating:
Partner up with me on this pair of seats in the RF Mezzanine, section 225, row L, seats 1&2. These are aisle seats and there is no row behind you. The view of all the action and the scoreboard is great, the mezzanine is just a few steps up from the seats and you are not far from the Scoreboard Pavilion, Shake Shack, etc. I have a half season plan and am looking for someone to buy 10 games at the face value cost of $66/game. Payment can be with PayPal (in full) and I will email you the seats. If you buy 20 games, you will be guaranteed every OTHER playoff game. Click on this link http://www.seats3d.com/?1721649 for the virtual view from the seats.
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Date Opponent Section / Row / Seat Price
Aug-25 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Mets 225 / L / 1 $33.00
Aug-25 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Mets 225 / L / 2 $33.00
Aug-27 (Sun) @ 1:35 PM Mets 225 / L / 1 $33.00
Aug-27 (Sun) @ 1:35 PM Mets 225 / L / 2 $33.00
Aug-29 (Tue) @ 7:05 PM Marlins 225 / L / 1 $33.00
Aug-29 (Tue) @ 7:05 PM Marlins 225 / L / 2 $33.00
Sep-08 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Phillies 225 / L / 1 $33.00
Sep-08 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Phillies 225 / L / 2 $33.00
Sep-10 (Sun) @ 1:35 PM Phillies 225 / L / 1 $33.00
Sep-10 (Sun) @ 1:35 PM Phillies 225 / L / 2 $33.00
Sep-12 (Tue) @ 7:05 PM Braves 225 / L / 1 $33.00
Sep-12 (Tue) @ 7:05 PM Braves 225 / L / 2 $33.00
Sep-15 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Dodgers 225 / L / 1 $33.00
Sep-15 (Fri) @ 7:05 PM Dodgers 225 / L / 2 $33.00
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    Okay- Great! One last question. Are the seats covered at all or shaded?
  • Yes.
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    hmm.. I am not getting those options the offer allows me to only select a minimum of 20 games and when it comes to chose it says this: "New partner will participate in Online Draft. Draft will be held at a time and date agreeable to the majority of partners. Draft picks will be based on the number of games each partner is purchasing. Draft Order will be set fairly giving all partners a pick in the first round and the remaining picks will be fairly determined based on the proportion of games owned by each partner. The Draft Order shall NOT unfairly benefit or harm any partner(s). All games and tickets shall be included in the draft" Do you have to change your requirements or we can create a special offer? Thanks!
  • I just adjusted the settings on my end. You should be able to go into the listing and pick the ten games you want and make me the offer. MLB is a bit slow so the settings might not be changed instantly.
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    Okay so I am looking to buy 9 Friday games and 1 Wed game( vs the O's) I am not sure how to set up an offer for less than 20... I imagine you do that? I would like to buy 2 tickets to the following games: 4/22 5/13 5/27 6/10 7/1 8/5 8/24 8/26 9/9 9/30
  • Okay. Let me figure out how this system works and those games are yours. My charge is $620 or $62 per game.
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    Okay great, I will put a list together! Also, are these seats shaded?
  • Now I see. You need to use the "make an offer" button on my listing and then you'll see the list of games, etc. Follow the instructions. I take PayPal but would prefer a check or cash and meet in person if it's convenient to DC or NOVA. You have to pay a $40 fee for this service but I'll give you a free pair (maybe not 225) to a game down the road to compensate for that. Nats don't release tickets until mid-March.
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    Hello! I am looking to buy about 10 Friday games.. is this something that is possible in your plan? I do not need opening day tickets! Thank you
  • Sure. You can pick ten Friday games.
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    Are you only interested in someone buying 20 games or are you willing to sell less
  • I will sell fewer, but that won't include opening day.
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